Natural spa with waterfalls in Tuscany, Italy
terme di saturnia (2)

Located a few minutes from the village of Saturnia in the heart of the Maremma, Terme di Saturnia thermal springs are one of the biggest attractions Southern Tuscany can offer to its many visitors.

The spa become famous for its sulphuric water, which flow from their underground source at a constant temperature of 37.5 ° C. Legend has it that these waters were a divine gift of the god Saturn, who, outraged with men for their continuous wars, decided to punish them with a rain of lightening. When the lightening hit the earth a dense steam and hot water flowed from the ground, creating today’s thermal springs.

Today, the Terme di Saturnia spa complex, complete with a hotel built from a 19th century Tuscan farmhouse, is considered a very chic and popular location, frequented even by celebrities. Visitors are treated to complete relaxation and tranquility; with saunas, Turkish baths, warm sulphuric pools, artificial waterfalls and a spa offering therapies to pamper and treat various respiratory, skin, muscle and skeletal ailments.