Located on a small hill the Maremman village of Saturnia boasts an environmental marriage typical of Southern Tuscany, offering natural landscapes which stretch from Amiata Mountain to the striking valleys below.

One of the oldest towns in the territory, Saturnia was founded in Roman times before passing into the hands of the Aldobrandeschi family, the Republic of Siena and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Such a rich and vast history means that today’s Saturnia is home to many ancient buildings and monuments built in all the different styles of centuries past.

A paradise for lovers of Italian history and art Saturnia is home to many beautiful monuments and buildings, which tell the history and the past of this part Tuscany and include the Church of Mary Magdalene, built in the Middle Ages; the Aldobrandesca Fortress, the Ciacci Villa, the Romana Doors, the Walls of Cinta and the Castellum Aquarum, a very old Roman cistern.

Only two kilometres from the town lies the very famous Terme di Saturnia thermal springs and spa complex, a place of great elegance and comfort. Guests can either relax in the warm sulphuric waters of the waterfalls and pools or be pampered in the wellness centre, with therapies and massages.