A village on the Maremman hills which dominate the landscape of Southern Tuscany, Montemerano is truly a medieval village, full of houses and monuments that haven’t changed since the Middle Ages.

The town is reminiscent of a typical medieval village. Home to some of the oldest houses in the territory, Montemerano is also blessed with a beautiful natural scenery of hills, valleys, rivers and fields symbolic of the Maremman countryside.

Hidden amongst the alleys and streets of Montemerano are many ancient and beautiful monuments and buildings including the Church of St. George, dedicated to the patron saint of the town and located in the heart of historic centre of Montemerano; and the San Lorenzo Tower, once part of a medieval church.

Leaving the town, visitors can find more picturesque and beautifully maintained churches including the ancient Church of Our Lady of Cavalluzzo and the striking Church of Our Lady of the Angels.